Step 1: Preliminary Idea

Firstly, you have to review your needs and decide:

a. Scope of works:  What kind of enhancement works you are considering (i.e. carpenter works, painting, plastering, wall coverings, sanitary fittings and ironmongeries)?  What is the plan for your future use of your building or residence? How do you plan for or what do you want to put into the decoration works?

b. Design ideas:  What is your design preference and lifestyle?

c. Plan and budget:  What kind of materials and finishes do you plan for the project? What is your baseline budget?


Step 2: Contact "ISP" !!

Whenever you have any idea of your decoration works, please don't hesitate to call us, email us or leave your message in our ‘Contacts’ box.  We will contact you as soon as we can.

Step 3: Initial consultation

To better understand your needs and wants, we will arrange a first meeting and/ or a site visit together with our designers and professionals.  This is a good opportunity for us to well align with your objectives.

Step 4: Initial design development and quotation

After studying all your considerations and requirements, we will prepare a preliminary budget, proposed drawings or sketches, our suggested materials, a site analysis and a brief working schedule.

Step 5: Confirmation of proposal

Our proposal contains a list of suggested supplied goods and services according to your budget and timeframe.  The quotation also includes the terms and conditions of sale and warranties as well as payment terms.